Terms of Service and Use

Terms of Service

  1. Copyright and Use
    1. The term “website” in this document refers to hbwl.net, beatenandshamed.com, and/or putinabadspot.com
    2. Use of this website indicates your agreement to the terms listed below.  If you do not agree with these terms of service you should leave immediately. 
    3. All of the material on this website  including, but not limited to photos, video, audio and text, collectively the content, is fully licensed.  The material on this site is for streaming only and is not to be downloaded, screen captured or digitally or physically rendered in a way to be viewed outside of this website.  Your subscription to this website does not include the right to reproduce, download or copy in any way.  It does not provide the right to be used for any commercial purposes, including but not limited to public viewings in any public setting.  You also may not resell, rent, or distribute this material in any way including by providing links or files to other websites.
    4. It is not possible for the owners to guarantee the content is free from errors, interruptions, omissions, defects or possibly viruses and cannot be held liable for any problems incurred as a result.  
    5. The owner of the website has the right to modify and change these terms of service at any time and any changes will be posted immediately to the website.  
  2. Privacy Policy:
    1. Any information provided for use of this website is kept in the strictest of confidence.  We do not save any banking info or any personal information on our website with the exception of passwords, which are securely filed and encrypted for your safety.  We do not sell your email address or any data gathered by our analytics.  We may, however, use some third party applications to help us deliver our products to you in an efficient manner.  If this is the case, we may need to provide information such as email address or IP Address.  
  3. Information Gathering:
    1. The website will gather analytic information to help us understand our customers better.  All information is kept confidential is not sold, rented, or traded.  Analytics include, but are not limited to how many visits we receive, how many pages viewed, amount of time per page, where in the world the viewer comes from, what browser they are using, and other information designed to help us administer to better design the website for future updates.  
  4. Opt-Out Policy:
    1. From time to time, we may send emails to our members regarding changes to the website or the announcement of new products and files.  We will always provide you with the option to opt out of these marketing emails.  We will not promote the websites or products or services of others.  In order to log out, you will see an “unsubscribe” link clearly at the bottom of the marketing email.  Simply clicking that link, confirming the email address is correct, and clicking “submit” will unsubscribe you from any further marketing emails but will not unsubscribe you from the website.
  5. Use of Cookies:
    1. Like most websites, we use cookies to speed up your browsing experience.  Cookies provide us and advertisers on the website with data showing what you may be interested in to help personalize your experience on the site.  Cookies also allow the user to  avoid having to reenter information over and over.  Our third-party advertisers will receive this information in a non-personal confidential way.  
  6. Links to Third Party Websites:
    1. Some of the advertisers on our website will offer links to other websites.  Please be advised that we have no knowledge or control over where those links are going or how safe they are.  Please keep this in mind if you decide to follow an advertiser link from our website.  We cannot guarantee your safety when you click away from this site.  
  7. Member Areas and Password Sharing:
    1. Password sharing is strictly prohibited.  This website runs software that will detect password sharing and if you are caught sharing your password, your account will be immediately terminated.  You can appeal this decision if you believe it to be in error by contacting webmaster@hbwl.net
  8. Customer Service:
    1. We will, from time to time, send emails regarding changes to our terms of service, prices, or products.  All customer service will be via our email address, webmaster@hbwl.net.  Please understand we do not have a customer service phone number, however, if you are having a problem with billing or your credit card, you can contact ccBill at 888-596-9279 or support@ccbill.com
  9. Cancellations:
    1. To cancel your membership, go to the account page and select the option to cancel.  You can do that at any time before your next billing date is due.  Your membership will remain active until the time you paid for has expired (ex.  If you are paid up until May 15 and you cancel your membership on April 20, you won’t lose access to the paid content on the website until May 15).  If you have any problems canceling on the website, you can also contact ccBill directly at 888-596-9279 or email them at support@ccbill.com
  10. Refund Policy:
    1. Refunds will be decided on a case-by-case basis.  To request a refund, or a partial refund, please email webmaster@hbwl.net and include that you are requesting a refund, and the reason for the refund.  Disputes will be settled by a neutral third party if the involved parties cannot come to a resolution.  
  11. Appeal Policy:
    1. If you have been depicted on this website and think this is in error or does not belong here, please immediately email us at webmaster@hbwl.net and it will be investigated.  If there is a disagreement regarding the decision of the appeal, we will allow the final decision to be reached by an neutral body.  To initiate an appeal, you have 30 days from the time the decision is reached to review any information used to make our decision.  If you still disagree, please email webmaster@hbwl.net and arrangements will be made for mediation from a neutral body in a reasonable amount of time.  
  12. Complaints:
    1. This website works hard to keep everyone happy but that is not always possible.   If you have any complaints or problems with this website, we encourage you to reach out to webmaster@hbwl.net for resolution.
    2. If you view anything on this website that may violate the Standards or may be illegal, please report it to us at webmaster@hbwl.net
    3. All complaints will be reviewed as soon as possible, but will always be reviewed and resolved within seven business days.  If the complaint is deemed to be valid and in need of a resolution, the resolution  may include, but not be limited to, objectionable content being removed from the site, full or partial refunds for subscription fees, and no cost extensions of subscriptions, or possibly no action on our part if the complaint does not merit any action on the website’s part. .  
    4. Anyone who wishes to appeal a complaint resolution may do so by emailing us within 30 calendar days of notification of the resolution at webmaster@hbwl.net.  All appeals will be re-visited and mediated between the parties.  If a resolution cannot be made, an neutral third party will get involved to help reach a resolution that works for all parties.