Complaints Policy

  1. Complaints:
    1. This website works hard to keep everyone happy but that is not always possible.   If you have any complaints or problems with this website, we encourage you to reach out to for resolution.
    2. If you view anything on this website that may violate the Standards or may be illegal, please report it to us at
    3. All complaints will be reviewed as soon as possible, but will always be reviewed and resolved within seven business days.  If the complaint is deemed to be valid and in need of a resolution, the resolution  may include, but not be limited to, objectionable content being removed from the site, full or partial refunds for subscription fees, and no cost extensions of subscriptions, or possibly no action on our part if the complaint does not merit any action on the website’s part. .  
    4. Anyone who wishes to appeal a complaint resolution may do so by emailing us within 30 calendar days of notification of the resolution at  All appeals will be re-visited and mediated between the parties.  If a resolution cannot be made, an neutral third party will get involved to help reach a resolution that works for all parties.